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MelanieHaislip, born 1964 in Atlanta, GA, currently lives in Virginia Beach, VA.  She’s a former student of Emory University, butbelieves that her talent originates from within her very artisticfamily.  Her realistic, expressive and abstract works depict the depth,colors and movement of life.

In1992, she created “The Artist Attic”, which primarily consisted of handpainted portraits on Christmas Ornaments from photos. One of her firstclients was the historic, 5-diamond luxury resort, The Greenbrier.

Uponseeing Haislip’s work, the resort contracts her to paint variouslocations, including the entrances, the “Spring House” and theconverted train depot, which now operates as their Christmas shop.

Her ornaments are also enjoyed annually by hundreds of patronsexperiencing the regional history of Dayton, Ohio’s historic CarillonPark. 

See Daily Progress Article:

Currently, she paints thousands of portraits on ornaments for clients all across the US and Canada.
Her website, ranks #1 on Google for portraits painted from photos on ornaments.

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